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Historic cars

Peter Arney Ltd was established in
2003 and has already built a strong
reputation among owners of historic,
classic, vintage and veteran cars.

The company founder was a senior director of Sotheby’s for over twenty years, with interests in a wide range of Works of Art as well as Motor Cars, and with overall responsibility for that company’s salerooms in Paris, Milan and Zurich.

Peter Arney Ltd is a small, independent company providing professional valuations and advice to owners of historic and collectable cars.

We offer:

  • Insurance valuations.
  • Full probate service for Solicitors and Trustees, from formal valuation to oversight of the sale process.
  • Historical research - establishing provenance and cataloguing your collection.
  • Impartial sales advice
  • Buying advice and car search, including auction visits and proxy bidding.
  • ‘Willing buyer, willing seller’ valuation, mediating sale between friends.

We have carried out valuations, consultations and research on the
world’s most collectible car marques, from veteran De Dion and Panhard, through vintage Hispano-Suiza, Rolls-Royce and Bentley, to classic Ferrari, Porsche, and Mercedes motor cars.

As well as our own expertise in valuation and sales, Peter Arney Ltd. employs engineering consultants who undertake mechanical inspections on the company’s behalf.

Historic cars
We act always in the interests of you, our client; we are not
auctioneers or dealers.
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